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SQL Syntax

SQL follows some unique set of rules and guidelines called syntax. Here, we are providing all the basic SQL syntax:
SQL Syntax - TunesMK

Here some important Roule for SQL Syntax:

  • SQL is not case sensitive. Generally, SQL keywords are written in uppercase.
  • SQL depends on relational algebra and tuple relational calculus.
  • You can perform most of the action in a database with SQL statements.
  • SQL statements are dependent on text lines. We can place a single SQL statement on one or multiple text lines.

SQL statement

SQL statements or SQL syntax are started with any of the SQL commands/keywords like SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, ALTER, DROP etc. and the statement ends with a semicolon (;)

Example of SQL statement:


NOTE: The semicolon is used to separate SQL statements. It is a standard way to separate SQL statements in a database system in which more than one SQL statements are used in the same call.

These are some important SQL command:

CREATE DATABASE: it creates a new database.
SELECT: it extracts data from a database.
INSERT INTO: it inserts new data into a database.
DROP TABLE: it deletes a table.UPDATE: it updates data in the database.
DELETE: it deletes data from the database.
CREATE TABLE: it creates a new table.
ALTER TABLE: it is used to modify the table.
ALTER DATABASE: It is used to modify a database.
CREATE INDEX: it is used to create an index (search key).
DROP INDEX: it deletes an index.

Conclusion :

In this article, we learn about the basic of How we can use SQL Syntax. If You have any problem regarding this article then please Comment below.
If You have any problem regarding SQL Syntax then please comment below so that we can help You.

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