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How to apply google search console for blogger - tunesmk

Google search console for blogger

If you are a blogger. Then you must know about Google search console. This is very important for any site because if you want to find your site on google easily you must need to add your site in google search console.
If you don't know what is google search console so this post or tutorial is for you.

Follow the instruction until the end of the tutorial:

google search console

👉 Step 1:

First, you need to go to your blogging site and sign in your blog. In the left site on your blog, you will see some option. Here also you will see (👉Setting option) now click this option.
Here you more option will expand.

If you don't understand, please  follow the images:

google search console -

👉 Step 2:

Now Click on >>(👉search preferences). If you click on search preferences then you will see some settings besides that page left.

google search console -

👉 Step 3:

Here on this page, you will see some settings. Here you will see ( 👉Google search console) also 👉(edit) option Now click the ( 👉 Edit ) Option. Then a new window will open which is called webmaster

google search console -

👉 Step 4:

Now it looks like this page where you need to add your website link with ( https://www. ) and click (👉Add) Button.

google search console -

👉 Step 5:

When you pass 👉( step 4 ) then this page will come.

google search console -

👉 Step 6:

Now click the 👉(>>) symbol to set the 👉(sitemap.xml).

google search console -

👉 Step 7:

After 👉(step 6) now this page will be open. Now on this page click the 👉( ADD/TEST SITEMAP ) Button.

google search console -

👉 Step 8:

After Click 👉( ADD/TEST SITEMAP )  button. Here you need to add your sitemap address in this text area (sitemap.xml) and Click Submit button.

google search console -

👉 Step 9:

Now you will see where your sitemap is pending. Don't worry it will take a time 24 or a few days.

google search console -


Congratulations! you have succeeded. Feel free to comment me if you have any questions and share with your friends. And stay with

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